David Jones

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The recent collaboration between iconic brands Country Road and David Jones resulted in the relocation of their offices from Sydney to their new award-winning Headquarters in Burnley, Melbourne. Spearheaded by renowned architects Gray Puksand, this ambitious project aimed to create a cutting-edge workspace spanning over 22,000m2 across two buildings. Sleek design elements inspire creativity and innovation.


Interior of David Jones head office.


With a tight schedule of just 16 months, meticulous planning was essential to ensure the seamless integration of modern amenities. The new space fosters a conducive environment for creativity and collaboration among the 1,700 staff members. The centrepiece of the design is a sun-filled atrium linking the two buildings. This offers staff access to inspiring spaces and breathtaking views of Melbourne.


As a Melbourne interior photographer, I am thrilled to showcase this remarkable space. Designed to inspire teamwork and innovation, it’s a place where employees can thrive, collaborate, and draw inspiration. I invite you to experience the beauty and functionality of this space through my lens. Capturing its essence for generations to come.