Let me introduce you to my latest project as a Melbourne architecture photographer, a collaboration with Vaughan Constructions that truly stands out. The Loreto Clendon Centre at Toorak, crafted by Vaughan Constructions, is a testament to exquisite design and functionality. This new build seamlessly integrates the Loreto Mandeville Hall with the Clendon Centre, offering light-filled breakout spaces that evoke a sense of tranquility essential for the students who inhabit them. Architectus, the architectural firm behind the design brief, ensured that the building provides a multitude of spatial opportunities to foster social interaction and learning. Lush greenery provides a tranquil escape for students and faculty.


Outdoor courtyard of private school.


As a Melbourne architecture photographer, attention to detail is paramount. I understand the importance of capturing every nuance, from the grand architectural elements to the smallest intricacies. My goal is to ensure that each photograph reflects the true essence of each space.


Photographing projects like the Loreto Clendon Centre allows me to showcase my passion for exceptional design. I take pride in capturing these spaces in all their glory, from the intricate details to the broader context. I invite viewers to appreciate the artistry behind their creation. With over two decades of experience as a Melbourne architecture photographer, I have honed my craft to perfection. I understand the importance of producing images that not only captivate but also accurately represent the essence of the architecture. I also offer interior photography and drone imagery, providing a comprehensive solution to your visual needs.