Experience the revolutionary TMHA facility in Dandenong through the lens of interior design photography. In 2023, Vaughan Constructions and Toyota unveiled their collaborative masterpiece—a cutting-edge TMHA facility poised to revolutionise material handling efficiency in Victoria. As a leading expert in interior design photography in Melbourne, I had the honor of capturing the essence of Toyota’s groundbreaking establishment.


My mission was clear: to showcase the facility’s unique features and design elements, highlighting its pivotal role within the industry. Spanning an impressive 17,000m², this facility stands as a beacon of innovation for Toyota, serving as a regional hub for major corporate accounts operations. From assembly to sales, rental, and servicing of construction equipment, its multifaceted role underscores its significance in streamlining Toyota’s operations.


Step inside, and you’ll discover inventories of new material handling and Huski construction vehicles, complemented by comprehensive support facilities. The two-level office interiors, thoughtfully designed with open-plan areas, meeting rooms, and a welcoming reception area, exude sophistication and functionality. In the realm of interior design photography, precision and excellence are paramount.



With extensive experience in the interior design photography Melbourne sectors, I understand the importance of capturing projects with meticulous detail.  Enhancing my clients’ promotional potential is key. High-quality interior design photographs serve as a testament to a company’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Instilling trust and confidence in potential clients. Moreover, they provide invaluable marketing materials, adding sophistication and professionalism to promotional content.


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