Tan Tat

Drone architecture videography is more than just stunning visuals; they provide a distinct competitive edge to construction projects. Take, for instance, the Tan Tat Apartments, gracefully nestled in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD. This remarkable 13-level build-to-rent development is the result of a collaborative effort by the Kapitol Group, the forward-thinking Tung family, HGW Projects, and the visionary minds at SJB Architecture.


This architectural gem boasts a total of 55 exquisite apartments, including two awe-inspiring penthouses. Its crown jewel? A communal rooftop terrace that gifts residents with sweeping panoramic views of Melbourne’s iconic skyline. As a drone architecture specialist, my mission was clear: to represent this extraordinary project from unique vantage points.


My primary objective was to accentuate the sleek lines and intricate features that define this remarkable build-to-rent development. Drone architecture videography offers a fresh and dynamic perspective, enabling me to unveil the project’s design details in a captivating manner. It’s all about breathing life into architectural visions through the innovative lens of a drone.



Drones seamlessly navigate around and through structures, unveiling design elements dynamically and infusing depth into visual storytelling. This approach is not only cost-effective but also remarkably versatile, making it an accessible choice for a wide spectrum of projects. Moreover, drone architecture videos excel at capturing the project’s surroundings, providing valuable context that enriches our understanding of its relationship with the environment.